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Frequently asked questions Lilly and Tilly

With twenty one inches of legroom and very comfortable seating the ride experience from either of the two limousines is wonderful. The dampened leaf springs which support the wheels make for a smooth rumble free journey. Still using the original engines, even the exhaust note is different compared with modern vehicles.
The Burnham limousine bodies with shining paint work make for wonderful contrasting back drops for photo opportunities.

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a quick trip in either car can be arranged

What do you charge?

Each occasion is different and pricing them consistently and fairly takes a little time to prepare. No matter how little time Lilly or tilly are out of the garage on a job the preparation time to valet the cars beforehand is similar. The hire time and travel to venue time and home all have to be considered as well as maintenance costs due to mileage driven. All that being said you can estimate your own cost roughly by assuming an hourly rate of about £120 an hour. Usually when we quote however it works out slightly less than this total. So, if you think you will need the car for a full four-hour event add up 4X120=480 and take some off to give an estimate of about £440 for a four hour event which will include numerous photo opportunities during the period. Do remember that a quote might well be more expensive due to circumstances you cannot foresee.

Are your cars genuine vintage cars?

Both cars are vintage 1929 produced vehicles registered with DVLA

Can I arrange this as a secret surprise?

Yes, we are pleased to arrange surprises with our clients for third parties

Do we pay a deposit?

A non-refundable 50% deposit is required at time of your booking. This secures the date so that no one else can book the same date. We only accept one booking per day. If your booking is made under 90 days prior to the event, then the full balance must be paid. We provisionally hold your booking for 7 days to allow you time to make bank transfers. Unbooked dates are available to anyone at any time. It is prudent to book the limousines as soon as you are able with a deposit or with payment in full. This protects the date for you and provides peace of mind that the expense has been taken care off. There is nothing worse for either party than chasing money just before a wedding or special event date.

Do you offer a wedding champagne service?

We offer champagne at £15 per half bottle or Prosecco at £9.

Can I arrange to view the cars?

Yes of course, we welcome visitors by appointment. The kettle is always on.

Do you allow confetti?

We love confetti, go for it.

Are you able to carry children in your cars?

UK law states that children over the age of 3 may be transported in the rear of our vintage cars. (Vintage cars do not have seat belts) Lillytilly Ltd will not transport children under 14 in the front of our vintage cars. They must travel in the rear seating with an adult.

Will my wedding dress fit in the car?

Yes, our large vintage cars are in fact limousines so have lots of rear leg room and large doors with running boards. Your uniformed Chauffeur will help you in and out of the car. Much easier than a modern car

What happens if it rains?

The weather is something that we have to work with. We carry large matching blue umbrellas in both of our vintage cars. Your Chauffeur will be with you every step of the way, whenever you get in or out of our cars and will of course accompany you to the function door covering you with the umbrella. We will do our utmost to keep you as dry as possible.

When do I pay for the balance of my booking?

As soon as is practicable. There are several good reasons for this. It reserves your chosen date for you. The main benefit though, is that there is no more worry over the outstanding balance for either party. You can pay the full balance as far in advance as you wish. Once paid it is out of the way as a task to do as you approach your special date. Our advice is if you want to use the limousines then pay for them upfront. Our experience shows that late payments cause grief out of all proportion to the amount, as the big day gets closer.

Should we tip our Chauffeur?

Only if you feel you would like to. The chauffeur’s are paid to provide an exemplary experience anyway.

What ribbon colour choice do you offer on your cars?

Only if you feel you would like to. The chauffeur’s are paid to provide an exemplary experience anyway.

How many passengers do your vintage cars carry?

We can carry up to 4 passengers: 3 in the back seating and 1 in the front passengers’ seat. All passengers must be over 3 years old. (no children under 14 transported in the front seat)

Do I get a discount for booking more than 1 car for my wedding?

Yes, we will show you clearly in our quotation our discounts available to you for bookings confirmed within 7 days of our quotation date.

Do you accept credit cards?

No sorry but credit cards are not accepted. We do not do enough transactions to make a credit card machine a viable proposition. We do however accept electronic transfer and PayPal to rafkid01

Do you add VAT?

No we don’t, we are not VAT registered.

What happens if your car breaks down?

It can happen, just not yet. We recommend that you have a designated back up car with the owner contactable by mobile phone in the unlikely event that we have a breakdown. Our Chauffeur would then call immediately to your back up car to arrange them to either come to the rescue or go to your collection address to transport you to church on time. We must stress that this is very sensible back up plan and that as our cars date from 1929 breakdowns can occur although very rare. Normally a neighbour or family member is always willing to be the designated stand by with car just in case. Please confirm your back up car contact mobile phone number to

Will we have time for photographs?

Tilly & Lilly are very photogenic and are a photographer’s dream! We allow 3 to 4 hours in our wedding hire booking. This is normally plenty of time, but additional hours may be ordered at the time of booking at £40 per extra hour. Memories Forever allow a special relative or friend to sit in the back of our car with the bride for a very special photograph.

Will the car be clean when it arrives?

We give Lilly and Tilly a full valet after every booking. Should the roads be wet on our way to your collection address we carry cleaning materials in each car so that our Chauffeurs can make them presentable for your special occasion.

What happens in extreme weather conditions?

During cold weather we supply a just cleaned blanket and a hot water bottle each for our passengers. If extreme weather conditions mean that it is not safe for our cars to go out, we will refund you in full.

Is it possible to do more than one trip using one car?

We try to accommodate reasonable requests if time permits.

How fast do you drive?

Vintage limousines Lilly and tilly travel at a stately pace of around 35 mph. Which allows time to appreciate the countryside and all the joy of the spectators as the limousines come into view. Almost every other person waves or smiles as the cars ball along. It really is a great experience bringing out the best in the public, pedestrians and car drivers alike. Everyone has a smile on their face when they see the cars.

Do you carry a first aid box and fire extinguisher?

We carry a first aid kit and fire extinguisher in each of our cars. Our Chauffeurs will also have a mobile telephone with them.

Do you confirm my booking?

Yes, we confirm your booking is secure once your deposit is received.

Where is Lillytilly Ltd located?

We are based in Corsham Wiltshire.

How many vintage cars do you hire?

We have two matching October 1929 Vintage Austin Burnham limousines.

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